the two big differences between the series and Franck Thilliez’s book

the two big differences between the series and Franck Thilliez’s book

Franck Thilliez, the author of E-syndromebroadcast every Thursday on TF1, looks back on the adaptation of his novel for the screen. Discover the differences with his work…

Since Thursday September 29 as a bonus, TF1 has been offering E-syndromeeponymous adaptation of a noir novel by Franck Thilliezand already available on Salto. To pay private channel websitethe best-selling author returned to the origin of this project: “An American studio had bought the rights to E-syndrome but he did not use it and the rights finally returned to France after 4 years. Sophie Révil, producer at Escazal Films, seized the opportunity because she had loved the universe and the characters of the novel. She was so enthusiastic and determined that I was won over. She really wanted me to be involved in development.” He then develops his work on the series: “So I wrote adaptation documents but something didn’t work. A novel is built very differently from a series and I had trouble taking some distance from my book. By mutual agreement, we We looked for another solution. She then introduced me to Mathieu Missoffe and we immediately got along. I knew his world; I saw points in common with mine. Once he took the reins of the project, I stayed behind to let him work. After he wrote the scripts, I reread everything, but more in an advisory and friendly capacity, because the producer wanted the universe and the characters of the novel are respected. My look was important to her and she was delighted to hear that I had found myself there. Everything was done in confidence from the start”.

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“The very good idea” from the Serie E-syndrome

So there are some differences between the novel of Franck Thilliez and its adaptation to the screen with Vincent Elbaz. “Mathieu Missoffe dissected the books and managed to bring a different point of view and new solutions. In particular, he had the very good idea of ​​personally involving Lucie Hennebelle (Jennifer Decker) in the investigation. That wasn’t the case in my novel but it makes a real difference because it brings a lot of empathy for the character.” recount Frank Thilliez.

Humor in the episodes”

The novelist continues: “He also disseminated, with a very successful dosage, humor in the episodes. I wrote E-syndrome in 2010. At the time, I thought you should never release the tension. But with experience, I’ve learned that it’s important to have breathing keys in the midst of darkness. Today, I try to add it in my books because it is part of the emotional curve that a detective novel must have.“.

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