The victim’s daughter Sorel-Tracy pays a moving tribute

The victim’s daughter Sorel-Tracy pays a moving tribute

The death of Audrey-Sabrina Gratton, the 43-year-old mother who was allegedly murdered in cold blood by her ex-husband in her Sorel-Tracy home, continues to shock the community, starting with the victim’s daughter. bereaved.

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Trinity Gratton-Thériault is not in her first mourning; his father died a year ago in an ATV accident.

Through the Facebook social network, he pays tribute to his mother in a lively way.

“I hope you will go see dad and tell him how much I love him and that we are bored, I also hope you will look after me like dad has been encouraging me for a year. I will never forget our craziness, our memories, our projects and our bachelorette parties,” she wrote.

Audrey-Sabrina Gratton’s neighbors are in shock from the tragic events, a local resident testified.

“I heard a terrifying scream that froze the blood in my veins. I didn’t even dare to go outside because I was so devastated. I experienced a shock. I reacted as if she were my best friend – she says.

According to our information, the woman was doused with gasoline and then set on fire by the suspect who was arrested a few minutes after the tragedy.

The 34-year-old suspect remains in critical condition; he suffered several burns.

The SQ considers the woman’s death suspicious.

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