the White House dressed up for Halloween

the White House dressed up for Halloween

The First Lady surprised more than one by appearing disguised Monday evening in front of the White House. Purple wig on her head, her face made up with rhinestones and her wings in the back, Jill Biden played the good fairies for Halloween. What compensate for the outfit of her husband president Joe Biden, much more ordinary…

The children paraded in front of the presidential couple for the distribution of sweets which lasted until nightfall. For the occasion, the facade of the White House had been completely redecorated with colorful houses, orange leaves and pumpkins. The last Halloween celebrations at the White House were in October 2020when Donald Trump and his wife Melania were still tenants.

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The holidays are linked in Washington

A few days ago, the White House was celebrating. Joe and Jill Biden (79 and 71 years old) had indeed organized the very first reception celebrating Divalithe most important Indian festival of the year. Ashley Biden, the presidential couple’s daughter, was also present in a traditional orange outfit. Vice President Kamala Harris, herself partly of Indian origin, was also invited.

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