The Witcher Blood Origin: the 6 points to remember about the Netflix series

The Witcher Blood Origin: the 6 points to remember about the Netflix series

Netflix will release a new series in December on the universe of the witcher : Origin of blood. This story, completely new in the world of the witcher, will transport the public centuries back.

A new series about the universe of the witcher arrives in SVOD on Netflix in December. Her name ? Origin of blood. It is one of the various projectss that has the streaming platform on the universe of the witcher. We know thata season 3 is coming for the main seriesas well as a future season 4 (without Henry Cavill). Another animated film is also in the works.

What is the story of The Witcher: Blood Origin?

Forget Geralt de Riv, Siri, Yennefer or Triss here. The Witcher: Origin of Blood takes the audience back hundreds of years — more exactly 1200 years before what we know about the created universe by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. This prequel is unreleased and completely original. Clearly, it does not come from the author’s texts. It is a “forgotten story”.

In this leap in time, we must discover the emergence of the very first witcher and ” the events that led to the ‘conjunction of the spheres‘, when the worlds of monsters, men and elves merged into one “. We will also enter the elven civilization, before its fall and the devastating arrival of humans.

Which cast and which characters for The Witcher: Origin of Blood ?

Considering the era in which Origin of bloodthe characters are brand new — we won’t come across any familiar names. Regions and cities on the mainland should also not be easy to recognize, since Elvish names were used at the time — for example Xin’trea would later be renamed Cintra.

The three main characters are called Eile, Fjall and Scian. On the casting side, only one name stands out: Michelle Yeoh. The Malaysian actress will play Scian. tomorrow never dies, Tiger and Dragon, The Lady, Memoirs of a Geisha, Everything everywhere all at once… his talent is well established. Eile will be played by Sophia Brown and Fjall by Laurence O’Fuarain.

Fjall, Scian and Eile. //Source: Netflix

who is behind The Witcher: Origin of Blood ?

Three names are to remember: Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, who is the showrunner – the project director, in short – of the series the witcherparticipates in the production of Origin of blood. Declan de Barra serves as showrunner. Finally, Andrzej Sapkowski is the creative consultant, who must ensure that the ideas of the project correspond to his vision.

What is the release date of The Witcher: Origin of Blood ?

December 25, 2022.

How many episodes for The Witcher: Blood Origin?

The series will have four episodes, a mini-series. ” I wanted it to be a punch in the face, so you couldn’t take your eyes off it », I explained Declan de Barra. Hence this very compact format, without length – according to the showrunner, who also described his creation as a kind of feature film in two parts.

where to watch The Witcher: Origin of Blood ?

The series will be available exclusively on Netflix.

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