The world upside down: Delivery of the first bulletin

The world upside down: Delivery of the first bulletin

It didn’t take too long for the Upside-down world to find his audience.

The new Friday evening rendezvous hosted by Stéphan Bureau, announced with great fanfare by TVA, has definitely filled a void in the programming of general-interest channels by offering a 90 minutes well stocked with debates of ideas and opportunities for ask – and to ask – “the real questions”.

While the eighth edition of the show will be broadcast this Friday, November 4, we take the liberty of taking stock of the successes and points for improvement of this proposal, whose potential remains particularly great.

The main strength of Upside-down world comes in two stages. Its format makes it possible, on the one hand, to receive guests who are not always unanimous in the current media, political and/or social landscape, to offer them a chance to take part in the verbal contest and to defend their opinions and their interests.

But unlike other talk shows, The world upside down stands out once the interview is over, when Stéphan Bureau (still very effective in forming “one against one”) turns to his debaters to ask them to comment on the remarks made by the guest in question.

The latter can then provide a counterweight to certain statements in a way that the interviewer does not always have the opportunity to do.

People coming to sit in front of the host can try to sell their salad, but will never have the last word. And it’s very healthy for the viewer to see his opinion on this face-off being represented, on one side or the other, on the screen.

Seven weeks later, the idea of ​​debating social issues in a social climate where everything, absolutely EVERYTHING, can become a subject of contention is still welcome. And the show plays well – most of the time – on the more “spectacular” inclination of these passionate, but never poisonous, exchanges.

Not always the time to take the time

On the side of the points to improve, the time allocated to each segment still remains a problem, while all the players are not entitled to the same time to assert their point.

And not all debaters have the same ease in delivering an articulate and convincing opinion in mere seconds, or rebutting a contrary point of view so convincingly.

We also feel that certain subjects are only touched on the surface, that the floor is not always given to the right speaker at the right time. Here again, it is above all a question of time more than bad will. And these are also the joys and disadvantages of live.

The program can only be very busy with this desire to cover as many hot issues as possible.

The idea of ​​starting the program by giving an overview of what will not be discussed in the next hour and a half remains very clever, but this short summary would benefit from being a little more punch.

In short, overall, this new proposal holds up, and above all its promises. But the famous “less but better” could only make the whole thing even more relevant.

Unless this appointment is extended by half an hour…

Le monde à l’envers airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on TVA.

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