“There is a crazy world!”: at the Brive book fair, a great return of the audience

“There is a crazy world!”: at the Brive book fair, a great return of the audience

“Oh my! It’s a really crazy world out there! Messy visitors coming out of the Brassens Hall breathing a great breath of fresh air: here it is, the fortieth Brive Book Fair reviving the slightly crazy and exciting crowds of the pre-Covid era.

“The world is not possible”

“The world is really impossible,” rejoiced on Friday, November 4, the deputy Jacques Veyssière, who in another life chaired the GIE booksellers of the Fair and knows the event like the back of his hand.

Brassens Hall is used to big crowds, but the Tri Province area really came into its own this year. “Comics are on the rise and attracting people,” he sums up.

A few thousand more people

Fair commissioner François David also noted an increase in attendance. “It’s increasing very significantly, we have a few thousand more people this Friday,” even compared to pre-Covid fairs.Photo by Justine Bavois

Will sales follow the same trajectory? Booksellers hosting Goncourt 2022, Brigitte Giraud, have prepared theirs: almost 700 copies of her live fast come by taxi to Brive. There shouldn’t be a bunch of disappointed people.

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