“There is no impunity” for the MeM and its guinguette, promises the town hall

“There is no impunity” for the MeM and its guinguette, promises the town hall

“They do what they want, nobody says anything. This sentence is like a little catchphrase that you will be able to hear from the mouths of the owners of bistros in reindeer if you mention the thorny case of the MeM. Installed since 2019 at the Prévalaye, this marquee hosts concerts and private parties. Next door, its guinguette is also very popular with locals, who appreciate its huge terrace bordering the Vilaine. Quality programming in a privileged environment that quickly found its audience but which is not without causing some hassle. For several years, residents of rue Sainte-Foix have been complaining about the noise pollution generated by musical events in this sumptuous marquee… but very poorly soundproofed.

After having noted the regular overruns of sound levels, the inhabitants of Prévalaye were invited to attempts at conciliation in the presence of the municipality. Without success. Since, the collective of inhabitants lodged a complaint and some issues were resolved. But the nuisances of the marquee persist. At the beginning of January, an extension of the occupation permit has yet been granted to CPPC teams (Center for the production of contemporary lyrics, which also organizes the Mythos festival), enabling them to stay for two more years. An affront to the residents, who denounce the largesse of the municipality. “There is no impunity”, promises Benoît Careil, deputy for culture.

He took over from his colleague Didier Chapellon to deal with this thorny issue. “The decision to extend the occupancy agreement is considered. We did not want the CPPC to cease its activity by adjoining the new marquee. It would have been dramatic for the whole team. The confinement episodes had a strong impact on the performing arts, ”continues the chosen one.

No new marquee before the end of 2024

The municipality assures that it will ask for new measures of sound emergences in the neighboring houses in order to make note of possible overruns. At least two sessions have already been carried out proving the nuisances. “The problems of local residents are legitimate and we will continue to listen to them. But measures have already been taken to reduce the nuisance. If the rules are not respected, we will take binding measures, ”promises the elected official. “This new marquee is the solution to the problem. But we will still have to wait because he is not ready, ”warns Benoît Careil. The “MeM 2” should not be inaugurated before the last quarter of 2024. It will also be moved about 200 meters to settle in the current car park.

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