“There is no required reading”

“There is no required reading”

The literary club Autour des livres in Chartres was founded in 2015 by Annie Gruyer, a lover of books and reading. After several changes in the location of the monthly meetings, he returned to school on Saturday morning and settled in the restaurant Le Molière.

“This club responds to a double desire, that of social connections and sharing reading. The principle is to enable as many people as possible access to reading and above all not to be elitist. There is no required reading, everyone comes with their current books, which have recently been published or have become classics”, emphasizes Annie Gruyer, coordinator of the Chartres reading club.

During these lectures, all genres are welcome: thrillers, historical novels, biographies, manga, essays, comics, short stories, poetry, regional history novels, science fiction…

“Everyone is free to speak”

And about the course of the session, the coordinator adds: “Everyone is free to speak or not to present the book that is close to their heart. We only know the name of each participant, we don’t come here with a CV”, he laughs. “The only identity we present is our love for books, and then, people who don’t read, don’t read anymore or are still not invited to listen to a poem, a short story, a plot, because it can be a trigger for curiosity, the desire to go further, to open the book, flip through the pages and finally go to the library or bookstore,” explains Annie Gruyer.

Praxis. The next meeting of the club Around books, Saturday 26 November, from 10 am to 11.45 am, at the restaurant Le Molière, place Jean-Moulin in Chartres. No contribution is requested. Everyone pays for their consumption on the spot.

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