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these signs will experience a breakup in the next few weeks

these signs will experience a breakup in the next few weeks

Through Fostine Carracillo

– Published on 13 Jan 2023 at 06:30

This month of January will end with a difficult break for these three astrological signs. Here are the unlucky ones of the zodiac.

This beginning of the year 2023 will unfortunately be the scene of bad surprises for three of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Indeed, according to astrologers, these natives will probably be heartbroken following a complicated breakup. If the end-of-year celebrations, and the associated astral phenomena, have brought jubilation and rest to the zodiac profiles, the emotions of the latter will nevertheless radically change in the coming weeks. Cupid would thus have stored his arrows in his quiver, to the detriment of three signs. Love put aside, it will then be suffering that will be in order. They will therefore have to show a lot of courage to recover from their heartache. Fortunately, the stars also reserve for them the possibility of acquiring sufficient energy to overcome this ordeal.

Dear Leo friends, expect to experience a very difficult heartache. You will soon feel the need to find more freedom in your daily life. Indeed, you have sometimes tended, in recent months, to feel impatience and annoyance. These are the feelings that will make you end a relationship that no longer suits you. For you, there is no interest in staying in a relationship that no longer brings you any fulfillment, even if your feelings are strong. The break appears to you as the only possible solution to give you the opportunity to meet the right person. What are you looking for? A loved one who is always ready to support you in the face of obstacles. Aquarius, meanwhile, will suffer a significant drop in morale. Unlike Leo, it is not he who will initiate the breakup, but rather his partner. A hard blow which he will unfortunately not expect.

A breakup expected this month for these three zodiac signs

And yet, the multiple disputes and misunderstandings that have punctuated the past few weeks should have alarmed him. But efforts at reconciliation will unfortunately be in vain. Aquarius natives, however, do not be discouraged! A turnaround may still be on the horizon. If you believe in your story, it’s up to you to maximize your chances of trying to save your relationship. However, you will need to take the necessary step back to visualize your wrongs and get rid of them. What about Virgo? Like Leo natives, representatives of this Earth sign will seriously consider ending their relationship in the coming weeks. A difficult decision, but one that will be followed by many benefits later. However, be careful not to make too hasty decisions. Rather than an irremediable break, why not first try to change your habits? It is important to take time to reflect on your feelings and expectations.

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