These two Misses got married in the greatest of secrets!

These two Misses got married in the greatest of secrets!

By Jason Mathurin

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Love at first sight can happen anywhere… These two Misses celebrated their flashback through a very secret wedding!

Beauty contests give rise to many surprises in short. If some consider these institutions degrading, it is clear that the accession rules are sometimes frustrating. Fortunately, things are moving in this direction. Thus, the 2023 edition of the Miss France contest will host a mother and married candidatefirst in history. Yes, it seems trivial, and yet… A transgender lady was also invited to participate. This, despite the detractors of the LGBT cause. This year is therefore the year of great firsts… As for this couple of misses, who are the first in the history of the world of misses.

When love invites itself to a miss contest

Love can’t be ordered! And it is not these two Misses who will contradict us. Indeed, two beauty queens have found a soul mate during a competition that pitted them against each other. Mariana Varela, Miss Argentina 2020, and Fabiola Valentin, Miss Puerto Rico 2020 were both competing for the Miss Grand International award. A price which certainly does not Miss Universe famebut which is no less prestigious. It was therefore in 2020 that the two young women met and fell in love with each other. After a relationship behind the scenes, Mariana and Fabiola decided to formalize their flashback around a wedding ceremony organized in a small committee.

Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Argentina therefore posted a video formalizing their relationship. We can see their ring fingers, adorned with twin rings, a symbol of their love. “After deciding to keep our relationship private, we are opening the doors for a special day”we read in the caption of their post. This video traces their journey, from their meeting to their wedding, organized in secret. The wedding took place on October 28, in San Juan, capital of Puerto Rico, home of Fabiola. It should be noted in passing that the country has authorized same-sex marriages since 2015. The beauty contest Miss Grand International for her part congratulated the couple for this formalization. This, in the same way as their respective communities of fans, who did not fail to send them their wishes of happiness!

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