They listen to music on loop on YouTube to better concentrate

They listen to music on loop on YouTube to better concentrate

The case hit the headlines this summer. In the middle of July, the YouTube channel Lofi Girl was suspended following a false statement related to copyright. If it did not last very long, this event marked the fans, and some of them had then expressed their dissatisfaction.

11.7 million subscribers for Lofi Girl

But what exactly is Lofi Girl? As of this writing, the channel now has over 11.7 million subscribers, and has racked up hundreds of millions of views. She is best known for her uninterrupted live broadcasts during which the musical pieces are linked in a loop. Dozens of Internet users flock there, sometimes during their working hours, sometimes in the evening to decompress from their days.

When we go live, we are immediately struck by these soft rhythms without any voice. Soothing music that does not prevent you from concentrating on something else. The visitor is also welcomed by the warm visual of a student working with her cat. It is a work signed by the Colombian artist Juan Pablo Machado, himself very inspired by the Ghibli studio.

Our colleagues from FinancialTimes spoke with researcher Emma Winston from the University of London. The latter has studied the Lofi Girl phenomenon in depth. According to her, success comes from this music which seems familiar to the listener, like a bygone and fantasized time that did not really exist.

Another advantage of the YouTube channel: its community. A chat window is thus permanently open and users can chat with each other. There is a relative benevolence there, although some excesses are always possible. Overall, Internet users greet each other, exchange jokes, or wish each other good luck or good night.

While some face true loneliness, this presence has a soothing side. Many are only there for the music, but others will appreciate the feeling of being part of a collective.

Lofi Girl, a UFO of internet culture

Finally, another element makes Lofi Girl a UFO of the web: it absolutely does not run after the monetization of its content. Indeed, the permanent live prevents the dissemination of advertising content.

This therefore differs from major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, or Apple Music which also offer many playlists to help you concentrate at work or relax.

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