they start the year together!

they start the year together!

Julien Bert has never hidden his attraction to Melanie Dedigama. The big winner of the show The Fifty on W9, had completely flashed on the pretty young woman who never wished to respond favorably to her many advances during the adventure. However, their complicity was undeniable and was able to continue after the end of filming.

Many are the people who wonder even if the two candidates are not finally in a relationship at the present time as they show themselves close to each other. These new images will not silence the rumors, quite the contrary.

A start of the year together

Once again, Mélanie Dedigama and Julien Bert showed up extremely close on social media. In her Instagram story, Naya’s mother revealed a video of her and Julien in Dubai.

Mélanie Dedigama and Julien Bert still as accomplices @Instagram

For his part, Julien Bert used an image of this moment to wish a happy new year and share his wishes.

Mélanie Dedigama and Julien Bert still as accomplices @Instagram
Julien Bert shares his wishes via a photo with Mélanie Dedigama @Instagram

Subsequently, the two candidates even made a little golf session in Dubaiaway from prying eyes. The complicity between them is simply undeniable as we can see with the videos they like to share with their community.

Friendship or love ? The question is valid. In any case, Internet users love to see the two candidates together.

Mélanie Dedigama’s wishes for 2023

Mélanie Dedigama also wanted to share her best wishes for the year 2023 to her 2 million subscribers on Instagram.

Happy New Year 2023 everyone! All my wishes. I wish you more than the best. A year filled with happiness, love, joy, health, without judgment, without frustration, without jealousy, just positive and beautiful experiences. Be happy.

Mélanie Dedigama and Julien Bert still as accomplices @Instagram
Mélanie Dedigama shares her wishes @Instagram

What do you think of the complicity between Julien Bert and Mélanie Dedigama?

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