“They still love music as much as when they started”

“They still love music as much as when they started”

The singer of in temptationSharon den Adel, gave some details about her relationship with the legendary metalheads ofIron Maiden.

The singer was recently invited to perform on Full Metal Jackie’s radio show, as reported Wired.

Earlier this fall, before play in Europe with Evanescencethe group of Symphonic Metal Dutch opened for Iron Maiden’s North American tour.

When asked about her experience on the road with Iron Maiden, Sharon replied: “It was such a pleasure. But we had already played with them before this tour. A few festivals here and there. We know each other [depuis longtemps]we did our first show together 15 years ago in Paris. And that was really cool. And since then, they kept asking us, so we probably did something right. There was a kind of good vibe between us, which emanated.”

She added: “We’ve always loved Iron Maiden, so for us it’s a real treat… They still love the music just as much as they did when they first started, actually. I think if you still have that attitude after so many years, you really did it right. For me, this is the most important. Stay in love with the music in order to continue the adventure. The way they do it is with the same kind of, I don’t know, wonder and surprise…”

As some of you may already know, a new album from Within Temptation is due out in 2023. This will be the group’s first major release since Resist in 2019, although the lineup has shared several new singles lately, including the very recent The inner fireavailable to (re)listen below.

Asked about the nature of their upcoming music, Sharon told Full Metal Jackie: “We are always on the lookout for what is new and what inspires us… [Nous puisons dans] many things from the past that inspire us. But we’re also trying to stay true to the 2022 version of ourselves. That’s what we always hope for, at least. The goal is to manage to surprise us and stay inspired by offering new music at regular intervals.”

Within Temptation – The Fire Within:

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