They want to celebrate International Book Day in Saint-Jeures in April 2023

They want to celebrate International Book Day in Saint-Jeures in April 2023

Michèle Boué and Didier Rault initiated the establishment of a new association that will carry out the first cultural projects, but also of all kinds, in Saint-Jeures. The General Assembly to establish Point d’esprit sur Mousse could be held in November.

This couple from Saint-Jeures, who were at the beginning of Nuits Saint-Jeures, this popular summer and cultural market, is embarking on new cultural projects.

A nod to Catalonia and Sant Jordi

They especially want to celebrate International Book and Bookstore Day on Sunday, April 23, 2023. “23. April marks the International Day of Books and Bookstores, which is also the national holiday of Catalonia, Sant Jordi. Sant Jordi = Saint Georges = Saint-Jeures. It is a very lively festival in Barcelona and in the whole Catalan area,” says Didier Rault, who proposes the name Point d’esprit sur Mousse for this new association: “Point d’esprit is the tip of the lace and Moss is the name of the stream in the village, some call it and Dolmazon.”

Also the construction of the media library in Saint-Jeures inspired this project.

Ephemeral “Village of Books”

So on April 23, 2023, Saint-Jeures could be an ephemeral “Village of books”. “Following the model of book villages (Redu, Bécherel, Montolieu, Fontenoy-la-Joûte, La Charité-sur-Loire, etc.), garages, barns, warehouses, etc. of the city of Saint-Jeures, but also of other cities, will be taken over by bookstores (new or old), bookstores, Pays-Lecture, record stores and flower shops. This area (place de l’église, place de la Croix, rue du Sabotier) is located in the area of ​​the summer producer and artisan markets, known as Nuits-Saint-Jeures. It is therefore a space known to visitors. About a dozen spaces will probably be made available to exhibitors and artists. Other open spaces (streets and squares) can be made available for open-air markets.”

It will be an opportunity to hold a book fair, with readings, screenings, concerts.

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