this astonishing record broken by Mariah Carey

this astonishing record broken by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey, aka the Queen of Christmas, returned to the charts like every year with her hit All I want for Christmas in you. A Christmas song that never ceases to collect records! The proof this December 25, 2022…

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Although she could not officially register the title of “Queen of Christmas”, Mariah Carey, already on top for yearsremains undeniably the queen of Christmas in the hearts of the whole world since November 1, 1994, thanks to her cult song All I want for Christmas is you. Indeed, if the diva who loves the series The crown has dozens of cult songs to its credit, this one comes back to the fore every year. A planetary hit sung loudly every December 25 of course, certainly also by Mariah Carey to her twins !

26 years it lasts!

For 26 years, therefore, Mariah Carey has been surfing on the trend which has almost imposed her title as a Christmas tradition, fueled by the many television films which have made it their soundtrack but also the artists, just as numerous, who have reinterpreted over the years. But that’s not all. Streaming also boosted All I want for Christmas is you. A few days before Christmas, we listen to and record the title all over the world to broadcast it at home when carving the turkey with chestnuts. The title is indeed in third position of world downloads on Spotify and number 1 in the UK. Finally, the re-edition of the album Christmas this year was accompanied by a great advertising campaign. And there again, All I want for Christmas is you reaps all the benefits. All I want for Christmas is…Mariah Carey! But that was before, because the diva has just smashed a new record this year!

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And it is not ready to stop!

This December 25, 2022 was no exception to the rule of listening to this title in streaming. When she woke up on Sunday, it was not dozens of gifts that Mariah discovered at the foot of her Christmas tree, but millions! Indeed, according to the site chartdata.orgthe singer again broke a record with her title on Christmas night. Here is the message that the diva received amazed on social networks: “All I Want for Christmas is You breaks all-time record for largest single-day streams in Spotify history with 21.27 million streams.“The singer who appeared naturallyoverjoyed, immediately tweeted with a short video: “I did not expect to wake up with this magnificent surprise.โ€œSo, ready for a new record in 2023?

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