this big flaw will be fixed for season 2

this big flaw will be fixed for season 2

House of the Dragon didn’t learn from the mistakes of Game of Thrones, but Season 2 will do better according to the creator.

Dragon House won his bet. The ten episodes of this first season have been well received by the public, to the point that a second season is already in development. Despite the bitter failure of season 8 game of thronesthe universe imagined by George RR Martin continues to seduce. While the filming of this new salvo should begin in only a few months, it is time for the creator to take stock.

Ryan Condal confided in The Hollywood Reporter on some plot details. He returns moreover with more precision to the striking scenes of the narration. He was also asked about the many criticisms addressed to his series, and in particular concerning his photography. Indeed, episode 7 had a lot of talk about him because of the weakness of his lighting. As with the episode of the Battle of Winterfell, many viewers shared their difficulty in seeing the characters in this constant darkness.

“It’s tricky because we do post-production on multimillion-dollar machines, high-end equipment, almost like we’re making a movie. It looked great on my TV. When you release a Star Wars movie, you play it in theaters, whereas for television, it’s millions of different screens and televisions, with different configurations all over the planet. You also distribute it via distributors, who will make them available in 4K, or in 1080p. So it’s hard to account for everyone’s TVs. So the series may be very different from what we have seen, approved and published.”

For France, for example, OCS does not allow you to discover HBO productions in 4K. It will thus be necessary to be satisfied with the HD stream. Very demanding fans cannot enjoy the full visual breadth of Dragon Houseor his eldest game of thrones. This compression also has a direct impact on visibility, especially when it comes to dark scenes as was the case for episode 7 broadcast at the beginning of October.

You have been heard

Ryan Condal is nevertheless aware that this problem could cost the series its place with the public. He thus intends to rectify the situation for season 2. The night scenes should thus be redesigned to be seen by as many people as possible. “It’s our job to take that into account. That’s one of the things you learn when you’re making a series: you take all that into account and ask yourself how you can do better? The comments were certainly heard. We want the series to be a great viewing experience for everyone.”

A season 2 and after?

For the time being, HBO and Ryan Condal are cultivating the mystery as to the future of the series. While George RR Martin imagines there will be four seasons to tell the Targaryen story, the creator is less adamant. He explains that there are many avenues to explore, but that his attention is currently focused on season 2. “This story is about a dynasty that has continued to reign 150 years after the season 1 finale. The question is therefore less when will the story end, but rather when will we lower the curtain ?”

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