this film is a hit on Netflix but viewers do not understand why

this film is a hit on Netflix but viewers do not understand why

Some find it hard to understand how this film called “cheesy” or of “worst ever” managed to climb to 3rd place of the most watched new releases on Netflix.

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He is currently number 3 in the Top 10 novelties most watched on netflix. Since November 23, this Polish film for adults has been a hit with subscribers to the streaming platform. Criminal network81% recommended, follows an experienced fighter who has just lost his best friend, a trade teacher. The latter then decides to use his talents to help a group of students in a struggling school in the city center and thus get closer to the gang he thinks is responsible. This action-packed Polish thriller with fight scenes will appeal to fans of action films, but on social networks it is far from unanimous, on the contrary!

Criminal network: “worst movie ever” according to some

“Don’t watch Criminal Network on Netflix. Worst movie I’ve watched. Worst. Ever”comments a user on Twitter. “How is it that Lesson Plan (the title of the film in English, editor’s note) be in 7th place on Netflix?”asks another, before adding: “I watched for 10 minutes before cutting. Horrible actors”. “I just watched Crime Line on Netflix and it might be the most gloriously cheesy movie I’ve seen that wasn’t made in the 1980s”comments another Twitter.

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Another detective film in the Top 10

In fifth place in the Netflix Top 10, not far from Criminal networkwe find black and blue. The film, also prohibited for children under 16centers on the story of a young cop who finds herself in possession of a video of her corrupt colleagues committing a murder. Framed and wrongly accused by criminals out for revenge, she must turn to an unlikely ally to prove she’s truly loyal. Fans of investigations and fight scenes, with these two films, you will be served! And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, find out top 20 movies to watch on netflixthe top 10 romantic moviesor top 10 comedies where the 10 best horror moviesto plan your program.

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