this historical figure almost appeared in the film

this historical figure almost appeared in the film

Since July 13, Thor: Love and Thunder is in our theaters. Fourth opus of the saga centered on the Asgardian god, the feature film however disappointed the fans. Despite grossing over $755 million worldwide, Thor: Love and Thunder receives destructive criticism. In any case, as often in the productions wonderthis fourth Thor offers cameos of all kinds. However, this famous historical figure was cut during the editing.

Thor: Love and Thunder – the waltz of cameos

It’s a tradition at Marvel Studios. Each of the new productions offers appearances of all kinds. Whether it’s superheroes, Stan Lee, celebrities or characters that have nothing to do with the Marvel universe, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) offers its spectators colorful cameos since its origins.

Thor: Love and Thunder no exception to the rulequite the contrary. Indeed, in this new story, Thor is led to go to omnipotence citythe city of the gods. During this passage, which is perhaps the most successful of the film, Odinson crosses paths with many deities. The opportunity for Taika Waititi (the director) to have fun and entertain the spectators with appearances of all kinds. Thus, the assistance can cross Celestials, Zeus (Russell Crowe)Hindu gods, the goddess of Black Panther and even the god Bao, taken from the Pixar cartoon. However, other characters could have appeared in the feature film.

A crazy appearance

There are many cut scenes around the film, including the Omnipotence City sequence. A few days ago, we learned that Taika Waititi filmed a scene involving Dionysusthe god of wine and celebration. In a recent interview with the BBC Radio 1, Taika Waititi said that Jesus Christ almost appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder:

There was supposed to be a cut plan for you-know-who. Big J.

The cameo was likely vetoed by either Marvel Studios or Taika Waititi himself given the religious beliefs involving this character. This appearance would probably have been hilariousgiven the tone of the footage, but the firm preferred to play it safe and did not take the risk of offending the religious beliefs of the majority of Americans. In any case, Thor: Love and Thunder is still showing for the few latecomers who haven’t yet seen the showdown between Gorr and the Asgardian god.

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