This Incredible Cover Of Dolly Parton’s Jolene Isn’t Sung By A Human

This Incredible Cover Of Dolly Parton’s Jolene Isn’t Sung By A Human

A new version of Dolly Parton’s song is available on YouTube. It is not a human singer who is in front of the microphone, but Holly+, an artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has shown its potential in the field of images, with the success of the software Give himbut it can also work wonders in music. This is what musician, composer and researcher Holly Herndon wanted to show, by making the famous title sing. Jolene, of Dolly Parton, by an AI called Holly+. The result is in the video below.

The voice seems human, despite a very slight robotic touch, and much more believable than the disastrous effect generated by the Autotune software that some rappers use. This voice results from the Spawn neural network that Holly Herndon partly developed and used for her 2019 album Proto. From Spawn, Holly+ is the musician’s digital twin, as it was designed from his voice. You can even experience it by going to the website Holly+by uploading an audio file, then downloading the version reviewed and corrected by Holly+. The result is quite surprising…

On the other hand, the music is totally human, with a guitar arrangement, produced by Ryan Norris and faithful to the initial melody.

And if you’re wondering what the original song sounds like, which dates back to 1974, here it is with a more country rhythm than the Holly+ version:

Holly Herndon’s approach is special, because many artists have used artificial intelligence to generate music, but few have used it at the vocal level.

And Holly Herndon doesn’t intend to keep her neural network just for herself. She invites other artists to take part in the adventure by registering on her organization’s website. spawn. For the musician, this is the next step after sampling (sampling in English) which consists of digitizing sounds or small portions of music, then using them as instruments. Will the next Top 50 star be non-human?

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