this international star who greatly disappointed Bruno Pelletier (Notre-Dame de Paris)

this international star who greatly disappointed Bruno Pelletier (Notre-Dame de Paris)

After triumphing in musicals starmania and Notre Dame de ParisBruno Pelletier will be back on the French stage with the musical show Al Capone from January 28, 2023. In addition, the Quebec singer tells his story with an open heart in a book which will be released on January 26, 2023, entitled The time has come. In particular, he recounts his meeting with an international star who greatly admired him and whose attitude greatly disappointed him.

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Just like Isabelle Boulay (who shares the life of the Keeper of the Seals Eric Dupont-Moretti), Natasha Saint-Pier, Roch Voisine or Celine Dion, who sent an adorable message to his fans for ChristmasBruno Pelletier is one of those Quebec singers who have conquered the hearts of the French public. Revealed by starmania in the mid-1990s, it was above all his role as Gringoire in the musical Notre Dame de Pariswhich made him known even more widely and earned him the admiration of French spectators.

With Notre Dame de ParisBruno Pelletier experienced something huge

It must be said that in the early 2000s, Notre Dame de Paris had an absolutely phenomenal success, immediately propelling to the rank of stars young artists still unknown, such as Patrick Fiori, Garou, Julie Zenatti or even Hélène Segara (who recently revealed the beginning of his beautiful complicity with the singer Angèle). A triumph so colossal and sudden that it has not always been easy to live with. Julie Zenatti, for example, confided that she had experienced the adventure Notre Dame de Paris as “an infernal spiral“and that success had been”violent and invasive. As for Garou, he revealed, not without humor, to have lived “a post-traumatic shock with this story“. But nothing like it for Bruno Pelletier who keeps only good memories of that time. “It was huge! Many artists dream of reaching this level of popularity“, he says in the book The time has comewhich will be released in bookstores on January 26, 2023 by Libre Expression editions. The incredible success of Notre Dame de Paris even led the Quebecer to perform with the whole troupe on the stage of World Music Awards in Monaco, a ceremony rewarding all the artists who have sold the most records in their country. It was there that he had an encounter that he has never forgotten…

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Bruno Pelletier, very disappointed by the attitude of an international star

Overall, Bruno Pelletier has excellent memories of this evening which allowed him to rub shoulders with Pamela Anderson, who will reveal herself like never before. in a documentary available on Netflix from January 31, 2023to see Michael Jackson perform on stage and take a photo alongside Laetitia Casta. But he confides all the same to have been very disappointed by the behavior of an international star of the song, which he appreciated very much at the time. This is Jay Kay, lead singer of Jamiroquai. “The band’s singer wasn’t very nice to me backstage“, he says. “When I approached him, I said to him: ‘My name is Bruno Pelletier. I just sang on stage. I’m a singer from Quebec and I’m a big fan of your work‘. He asked me to repeat my name, then he turned to a girl asking her name. She answered, then he turned around introducing us, before going off to chat with other people.“. And Bruno Pelletier to conclude: “I had no interest in him. He acted just like the stars that make me ch…“.

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