this joke in very bad taste from her anesthetist on the day of her delivery

this joke in very bad taste from her anesthetist on the day of her delivery

On the occasion of an interview for our colleagues from Parisian, Hapsatou Sy delivered on a very difficult moment: a joke in very bad taste pronounced by his anesthetist, the day of his delivery.

This scene will remain engraved forever in the head of Hapsatou Sy. On September 13, 2018, the host is on the set of Hello Earthlings. Eric Zemmour, also present, will attack her : “Mademoiselle … It’s your first name that is an insult to France, he says. France is not a virgin land. It’s a land with a history, with a past. And the first names embody the history of France”. If the scene is cut during editing, a make-up artist will film the moment. The columnist will then broadcast the video on her Instagram account and file a complaint.

During an interview for The Parisian, Hapsatou Sy explains how this scene marked her life, until the moment of her delivery. Indeed, it is by engaging behind the scenes of this scene, that she will reveal a joke in very bad taste heard by the medical profession. “The channel truncated a large part of this sequence, but nevertheless broadcast a passage in which Éric Zemmour proposes to rename me Corinne. This line triggers laughter from some people in the audience. Myself, I appear on a laughing cutaway. And that’s the worst part.”she begins to describe.

A surreal scene

This first name, Corinne, will then be the source of a joke :

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VIDEO – About Zemmour: “We are looking in what form I will file a complaint”, Hapsatou Sy

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