this landmark scene for his first role in the cinema!

this landmark scene for his first role in the cinema!

Lara Fabian, who was the guest of C à Vous La Suite on November 22, has a busy news story, because she has just taken her first steps on the big screen. The opportunity to ask him about his very surprising new role…

Lara Fabian had been discreet in recent years in the media. Apart from a tour, the Belgian-Canadian had disappeared from the screens. She is making a resounding comeback with the release of her book in which she shares 17 recipes that are all linked to an anecdote or a personal story. In this culinary autobiography, the star shares snapshots of her as a child or in the kitchen. In addition to this news, Lara Fabian has recently shot in a Canadian film, Arlette, where she appears in a particularly olé olé scene. Invited on the set of C à Vous on November 22, the singer was interviewed by the team ofAnne-Elisabeth Lemoine this somewhat unexpected role.

Lara Fabian scotch with a sex scene at the cinema

It was Patrick Cohen who was in charge of cooking the singer on her counter-intuitive character: “You play a French minister who visits her Quebec colleague (…). It starts as an official date and it ends in the minister’s bed for a lesbian and naked scene (…). Looked like you had a lot of fun doing that“.

And the main interested confirmed that she had very much appreciated this experience, far from the image that the public has of her. “I had fun, because it was completely outside the scope of what I usually do in every sense of the word. And then, I like to do things for which I am not necessarily equipped“, replied with humor the one who had accustomed us to sing about love in a romantic and modest way.

Lara Fabian talks sex without taboo

The fifty-year-old loves humor and never hesitates to make ribald confidences. In a Belgian show in 2013, she made a daring revelation about one of her sexual skills: “You have to accept your qualities. I have a large garage as you can see. Besides, people always make fun of me when I sing. Well it helps me in some circumstances. I am very mobile from the facies“. She then accompanied the word to the gesture by swallowing in one go and without hands an elongated cake resembling a phallus. In any case, we will have to wait a little to see her on our screens in her new talents. . The film Arlette has not yet been released in France, but is visible in Canada.

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