this neighboring country begins to punish customers of illegal sites

this neighboring country begins to punish customers of illegal sites

The Italian police have decided to send reports to customers ofa seized pirate IPTV site last May. Since a few seizures, the country’s police have taken the opportunity to scare more and more customers, suggesting that customers of these illegal sites will one day have to pay the consequences of their actions.

This technique, which aims above all to scare and dissuade Internet users from using illegal IPTV, is not new. Since 2005, authorities around the world have often posted a disturbing message aimed at illegal customers on seized pirate sites. However, the authorities and rights holders primarily target the pirate sites and not the customers in their fight.

Italian police start issuing fines to customers of a pirate IPTV site

Attacking small customers generally puts rights holders at risk of damaging their image. Even being very careful indeed, “crucifying” one or more clients with an “exemplary trial” still has a little something of David against Goliath – and can give a feeling of relentlessness.

However, some countries directly sanction Internet users suspected of visiting illegal sites. But the measures generally affect illegal downloading above all – the fight against streaming being de facto more complex. In countries like Germany, the owner of a WiFi box who does not sufficiently secure his WiFi can be fined if the IP address has been caught in the act of illegal downloading.

In France, Arcom sends simple warnings. As a result, no country in the world has so far adopted a truly coercive response against customers of illegal IPTV sites. However, a dike has just fallen in Italy. In a letter taken up by TorrentFreak, the Guardia di Finanza specializing in cybercrime announces to a user whose identifier was found as part of the seizure of a site last May.

In all, 1,600 people would have received the same report, and will have to pay a fine of 154 euros, an amount increased to 1,032 euros in the event of a repeat offense, or reduced to only 51 euros if the fine is paid within 60 days. But the most astonishing thing is the method used by the police to go back to the customers of these pirate sites.

Indeed, the police would have asked the ISPs to redirect all connections to the seized site to a server controlled by the police, thus transforming it into a veritable “honeypot”. The effectiveness of this approach for the fight against pirate IPTV sites remains to be confirmed for the time being.

The amount of the fine in particular seems for the moment not very dissuasive with regard to, for example, the cost of several subscriptions to legal platforms…

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