This Netflix film is a hit all over the world but no one watches it in France

This Netflix film is a hit all over the world but no one watches it in France

The feature film How i became a gangster is available since January 4 on Netflix. The Polish film is a hit in the whole world since he is the fifth most-watched film currently on the platform rear pale blue eye, Glass Onion or To sing. However, despite this dazzling success, he did not reach the top 10 in France. Worse still, no one seems to have heard of it.

Does France shun gangster films?

How i became a gangster is a film directed by Polish filmmaker Maciej Kawulski that chronicles the rise of a man in the Warsaw Gang, a particularly brutal criminal organization operating in the Polish capital. The story, full of suspense and action, follows the violent adventures of a criminal played by the charismatic Marcin Kowalczyk.

The feature film is, all in all, quite characteristic of a gangster film but appeals to foreigners for its intense, violent and very well done action scenes. Released in 2019 in Poland where it had good critical and commercial success, it will not arrive until 2023 on Netflix worldwide. But then, how to explain that the whole world is watching the film and not France? It seems that France shuns this kind of thriller.

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An unknown film in France, even on the networks

If the film is an international success, it leaves (like a real gangster) no trace behind it… so much so that one might wonder if it exists in France. Indeed, on YouTube, no trailer is available in VF. On Twitter, only two tweets appear when you type How I Became a Gangster. Worse yet, last year came out How I fell in love with a gangster and the film has better SEO than its Polish counterpart.

In any case, for all fans of violence, action, revenge and suspense, we recommend this film. It is also an opportunity to discover Marcin Kowalczyk, who gives a very good performance in his role and seems to stand out as one of the best actors to play Polish gangsters.

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