this new explanation about the origin of Thanos’ power

this new explanation about the origin of Thanos’ power

At the beginning of the month, we introduced you a list from bad guys the most terrible The Marvel Universeamong which we could find Thanosnow well known to fans Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). And if it is Powerful the character is proven time and time again, both in the film franchise and in the universe Marvel Comicsrecently work recently passed explanations additional information about the origin of everything be capable of.

scientific explanation of thanos power?

Although Thanos has long been considered an unlikely character among comic book fans, it is thanks to Marvel Studios that he really became famous in the eyes of the general public. The Mad Titan was then introduced as the main antagonist of the filmInfinity Saga, with the aim of eradicating half of the living things in the universe. And to achieve his dark plans, the villain wanted to get the power given by the overpowered gems, the so-called The infinity stones (or Infinity Stones en VO).

After acquiring the original six gems, Thanos gained extraordinary new abilities, making him one of the most powerful beings in the universe. However, successfully mastering the power that emanates from these stones is not really within the reach of the first comer.. Each of them gives a certain power to its bearer, and only if the bearer is strong enough to control it. Therefore one may ask how did the Mad Titan manage to usurp such power so easily?

How Thanos Really Got All the Infinity Stones - YouTube

A question that both Marc Sumerak and Jonah Lobe pondered making a new book Marvel Anatomy : A scientific study of superhumans. In this book published last October, we can reveal why Thanos could master the powers of the Infinity Stones, suggesting that the character’s physiological state could allow him to fully utilize all that power. In the excerpt he shares ScreenRanthere’s what you can read about it:

It is possible that Thanos, through genetic augmentation, has developed a secondary nervous system that is entirely dedicated to absorbing and channeling the intense energy of the Celestials.

Marvel's Anatomy: A Scientific Study of the Superhumans |  Book by Marc Sumerak, Daniel Wallace, Jonah Lobe |  Publisher's official site |  Simon & Schuster

As we recall, Thanos is a Titan, signifying the branch of the race of Eternals who left Earth centuries ago to go to Titan, a satellite of Saturn. So the Titan race, like the Eternals, was created by the Celestials. Furthermore, Thanos has another peculiarity, which is that he is the carrier of “deviant syndrome”which is particularly the origin of his appearance so different from the rest of his people.

A book Marvel Anatomy : A scientific study of superhumans therefore he has ambition take a realistic approach to the incredible array of superpowers in the Marvel universe. The book uses T’Challa and Shuri’s Black Panther perspective to bring the story to life based on their past experiences. Then you can find countless details about many charactersranging from Groot to Namor, via She-Hulk, Iron Man, The Thing or even Ghost-Spider.

Ghost-Spider artwork by Jonah Lobe from

And find out what it is this big project about Stan Lee that is in the works at Disneysee our previous article on the subject, right here.

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