this new post-credits scene will thrill Peter Parker fans

this new post-credits scene will thrill Peter Parker fans

Spider-Man: No Coming Home was a huge box office success. So much so that Marvel and Disney decided to re-release the film, this time in an uncensored extended version. The film was supposed to contain a lot of additional scenes, and a lot of them were left out of the cinematic rough cut, including a brand new moving post-credits scene around Peter Parker.

Spider-Man: No Coming Home long version?!

Remember, a few months ago, we were telling you about the fact that the film Spider-Man: No Coming Home was going to be entitled to a long version in order to contain more important scenes for the film. The latter had been cut from the cinema editing so as not to lengthen the film which was already very, very long. After the enormous success of the film, Marvel and Disney, seeing that there was a vein to exploit, decided to recreate a new version of it.. This long version has many new scenes, but also a different editing from the first.

You wanted more Spidey and you got it! ud83dudd77ud83dudd77ud83dudd77 #SpiderManNoWayHome: The More Fun Stuff Version hits theaters in the US and Canada on September 2! Other countries will be announced soon!

June 11, 2022

You wanted more Spidey, and here it is! “#SpiderManNoWayHome: More Fun Stuff Edit” will swing into theaters across the US and Canada on September 2! New countries will be announced very soon!

In effect, this Friday, September 2 in the United States and Canada the long version of Spider-Man: No Coming Homesoberly named “The most fun version (Spider-Man No Way Home: Edition with More Cool Stuff). The version will arrive in France on September 7, a few days after its release across the Atlantic. On the inside, the new version has more than 11 minutes of additional scenesincluding a touching exchange between the three Spider-Man during the final battle. There is also a deleted scene with the brother of Tom Holland. But it’s the post-credits scene that interests us today, since it gives us more details on the power of the spell than launched Dr. Strange, and takes the opportunity to fill in a few holes in the script along the way. For those who remember, throughout the film, ex-Sorcerer Supreme seeks to erase memories of Peter Parker from the memory of all who knew him. The spell went wrong and has disastrous consequences on the multiverse.

Spider-Man: a post-credit scene that explains everything?

After the film, many fans have wondered about how the spell works, including its limitations. Ok, no one remembers Peter Parker, but the character has already left traces behind him, he hasn’t become a ghost. Well, the new post-credits scene gives us part of the answer: in this one, we can see several photos from cult scenes of previous Tom Holland films. We see the decathlon of Back home and the trip to Europe of Far from home. These photos all have one thing in common: Peter Parker simply disappeared from the pictures. The spell didn’t just erase memories, it also erased all traces of his past existence.

The long version of the film does not arrive by chance in the Disney/Marvel calendar. The years 2020-2022 sign several important anniversaries for Marvel and for Spider Man. More than 60 years ago, the Weaver was born for the first time from the mind of Stan Lee. 20 years ago we could see the very first movie Spider Man by Sam Raimi on the big screen. Here is a very nice gift for all those who love the Weaver and his adventures. Moreover, this year will also see a new iteration of the character appear with the arrival in Marvel comics of the very first homosexual Spider-Man. A new version whose costume was officially unveiled a few days ago! Spider-Man was already there to help teenagers identify with a character sixty years ago, he is also there for those of the 2020s.

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