This rap veteran says Biggie would still be alive if he had followed his advice

This rap veteran says Biggie would still be alive if he had followed his advice

Veteran Keith Murray remains convinced, more than 25 years after the fact: The notorious BIG could have been saved if he had followed his advice.

Keith Murray opens up about Biggie’s death

Interviewed by The art of dialogueKeith Murray will explain having tried to convince Biggie to go green, until the tensions started by the East Coast / West Coast rivalry come down. Claiming to have accompanied The notorious BIG on March 9, 1997, a few hours before his death, the rapper would have advised the artist to leave Los Angeles: “I said, ‘Big, you know they don’t like you here. Go away. And come back later. » Motherfuckers show up and shoot people, literally. They come and shoot people in AK. Motherfuckers were shooting each other anytime, anywhere. You know what I mean ? » He will continue: “I’m in the car with Biggie, and he’s asking me if he should stay or go. I said, “Don’t stay here, Big. If he had gone, things would have gone downhill. And I think Biggie Smalls would still be alive. »

Murray, recalling having been friends with Biggie since the beginning of their respective careers, will also report that he, Eric Sermon and Redman, have made the choice not to appear at the Soul Train Awards evening, evening at the end of which Biggie will be beaten down. Sermon will have knocked on the door of Biggie’s hotel room during the same evening, to learn of his death and then report the news to Keith Murray.

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