this scene from season 3 of Emily in Paris makes the Web die of laughter

this scene from season 3 of Emily in Paris makes the Web die of laughter

Since the release on December 21 of season 3 of the series Emily in Parisone scene in particular literally rocks the Web. Many Internet users expressed their laughter at a scene from episode 1 of the new season.

In this episodewe discover Lily Collins, alias Emily, going to McDonald’s on the Champs-Elysées and pitching her famous McBaguette for the fast-food chain. Of course, in the series, the establishment looks nothing like the one in real life. Sleek, clean, almost sexy, you would dream of tasting your Big Mac in this McDonald’s. Something to surprise internet users.

A “French” brand

Thus, on Twitter, one could read a series of comments on the subject. For example : “But Emily in Paris, it’s not going well. Like the McDo des champs is not at all luxurious, it’s the jungle like everywhere ” or ” Romanticizing the McDo on the Champs Elysées in Emily in Paris. This series goes too far that’s it ” or ” The way they ‘frenchized’ the McDo power x10 in season 3 of Emily in Paris… But never in my life have I entered a McDo like that“.

Moreover, the fast-food brand took advantage of its time in the show to launch its McBaguette, a special menu Emily in Paris which hits. So what do you think of this scene?

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