this sentence on ecology that does not pass!

this sentence on ecology that does not pass!

This Tuesday, November 8, 2022, Marion Cotillard was the godmother of the evening “Aux Arbres Citoyens” organized on France 2 and hosted by Léa Salamé. For the occasion, the 47-year-old actress was able to discuss a subject close to her heart: Ecology. Since her debut in the 7th art, the actress has been actively fighting against climate change. For her, ” those who are educated and live in a developed country must take the measure of their responsibilities “. In any case, this is what she explained in a recent interview for Elle magazine.

A committed actress, her convictions are however pointed out by some Internet users. According to them, the star would be ” hypocritical “. On social networks, the twittos were numerous to react to the remarks made by the mother of Marcel and Louise on the set of the second channel. Statements that have not been unanimous.

“Unlimited Shame”

“Marion Cotillard has the carbon footprint of a cruise liner, but she comes to give advice. Limitless shame”, “Marion Cotillard chosen by Fr2. Between her holidays on a yacht costing more than €10 million for around 500 liters of diesel/h and her private jet trips over the years, she will know how to find the words to convince you to ride a Zoé”, “Conspiratorial artist at the catastrophic carbon footprint, installed in the USA to no longer pay taxes in France, she will come and explain to you what should be done for the planet”, “Inviting Marion Cotillard to host a program on ecology, it’s is as if Mesrine had been asked to chair a program devoted to the fight against organized crime”, “Simple French people, make your donations so that Marion Cotillard can feel guilty about polluting 500 times more than you throughout the year (hyper luxury villas, yachts, private jets, sports cars). And thank you France 2 for this eco-bling bling project! »could we read on Twitter. Ouch…


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