this series with a crazy concept is a hit and turns the brains of Internet users

this series with a crazy concept is a hit and turns the brains of Internet users

Available since December 2, a new Turkish series has won over Netflix subscribers. So much so that the program entered the Top 10 of the most watched shows on the platform.

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Since the creation of Card castleits very first original program in 2013, Netflix has come a long way. 100% homemade content has become one of the main reasons behind streaming platform subscriptions. Dozens of series have even been elevated to the rank of cult shows, like money theft, stranger things or The crownwhose season 5 has been online for a few weeks. On the international scene, Netflix has established itself as the number 1 in streaming. The most telling example is undoubtedly that of South Korea, behind the global success of squid gamebecame the most viewed series on the platform. In this month of December 2022it is another country that is being honored by the streaming giant.

hot skullthe new Turkish series that promises to spin your brain on Netflix

Released on December 2, hot skull created the surprise by climbing into Netflix’s coveted Tpo 10. The Turkish series is adapted from the eponymous novel by Afşin Kum. We follow Murat Siyavu, a reclusive linguist who seems to be the only person immune to an epidemic of madness that is spreading at breakneck speed in the population. Closely followed by the disturbing organization responsible for curbing the contamination, Murat was forced to flee, while seeking an explanation for his “fire skull”which makes it unique.

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hot skullthe new sensational nugget

And it would seem that the subscribers of the platform are under the spell of this new Turkish production. “I have never loved a series so much, frankly well played”exclaimed a user to the attention of Netflix. “Last night, I devoured Hot Skull. A Turkish science fiction series, really well done”, launched another. What mainly appeals to hot skullit’s its script, which manages to differentiate itself from other post-apocalyptic series. “The virus changes what we are used to seeing, like zombies and others”thus recognized a user. True “nugget” for some and series au “good potential” for the others, hot skull was quick to attract the curiosity of subscribers. The Turkish program has thus risen to seventh place among the most watched shows currently on Netflix. And who knows how high it will climb? And if you like hot skull, discover other Turkish series on Netflix.

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