This song was one of Chester Bennington’s favorites

This song was one of Chester Bennington’s favorites

Several years ago, singer Chester Bennington revealed that one of his favorite songs from Linkin Park was also one of the most poignant of the group.

During the creation of the second album of the group of Nude MetalMeteora, LP rapper Mike Shinoda had brought a ten-minute instrumental track.

The other members liked it so much that they convinced him to make it a full song, which became Breaking The Habit.

Speaking afterwards to MTV (via Far Out Magazine), Chester spoke at length about his love for the song: “This song touched my heart. Mike finished composing it and handed me a sheet with the lyrics, I read them and burst into tears. I felt like he was talking about my life.”

“This song was very difficult for me to record. I still get emotional thinking about it now. I had to stop and pull myself together several times. I would do two lines, I would start crying, I would leave the room, then I would come back. I was like, ‘I’m not going to make it’.”

The song was a huge hit, telling a gripping story about struggling with your thoughts and trying to find some kind of stability.

To this day, Shinoda considers it one of Chester’s “best performances”.

You can (re)listen to this iconic song from the early 2000s below.

Linkin Park – Breaking the Habit:

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