This streaming platform is closing its doors in France and we have the date (no, it’s not Salto)

This streaming platform is closing its doors in France and we have the date (no, it’s not Salto)

While the fate of Salto still hangs in the balance and the closure could come sooner than we think, another streaming platform will cease to exist in France. Economic reasons have motivated this decision, and the end date has been revealed.

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Tick ​​tock. There are only two months left to take advantage of the catalog of one of the streaming platforms available in France. Gossips may think that Salto is throwing in the towel. Missed ! It is Lions Gate+previously known as Starzplay, which will cease to exist on the French market. The platform with 30 million subscribers worldwide will close on March 31, 2023. These contents are still available in partnership with myCanalOrange TV, Prime Video or even Molotov TV until that date.

Lionsgate+ announced this withdrawal from the French market in November 2022, just three years after its launch. Its leaders have advanced economic reasons to explain this change. The platform would have lost $ 53.7 million in the second quarter of 2022. A loss that the management of Lionsgate + did not want to risk again. It is therefore the German, Italian, Spanish, Belgian, Luxembourg, Dutch, Scandinavian and French markets that are suffering. All will say goodbye to the platform.

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Can we see the programs elsewhere?

But the fate of the programs offered on Lionsgate+ is still uncertain. No communication was made on the redemption of rights by another platform. An uncertainty that does not bode well for French fans of the series offered by the company. Because, we must not forget that it is indeed the former Starzplay which brings together American and British series such as The Serpent Queenon Catherine de Medici, or even the overwhelming normal people. This is also where you could find Afro-American series like Power or Blind spot.

An Anglo-Saxon future

Lionsgate+ will continue to exist, with potentially more resources, on the Anglo-Saxon market. This seems quite logical since the programs acquired by the platform, in addition to its original creations, come from the catalogs of the BBC and Hulu, the American platform under the control of Disney. Lionsgate+ will then surely try to gain new subscribers to try to compete with other platforms like Netflix, which has 230.75 million fans.

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