This unknown war movie makes a big splash in the Netflix top 10

This unknown war movie makes a big splash in the Netflix top 10

In the first place of the most watched films currently in France, we find a historical film dealing with the Nazi invasion in Norway. A severe and poignant film, captured from the point of view of fictitious characters, but whose facts recounted remain no less real.

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Just in front of the south korean science fiction film Boyanother foreign film seems to be rallying a good number of Netflix subscribers to its cause. Released in December 2022 in Norway, Narvík is now available in France. A big budget film for this Scandinavian country, which immerses viewers in the events of World War IIthrough the prism of the battle of Narvik, in 1940, the first military victory of the allied forces against the forces of the Third Reich. Carried out by Erik Skjoldbjaerg (Prozac Nation), the feature film pays tribute to the heroes of the Norwegian resistance through two distinct stories.

Narvíka film based on real events

The small Norwegian town of Narvik, through which transits the purest iron ore in the world destined for Nazi Germany’s heavy war industry, serves as the setting for this film. In 1940, when war had been declared between France, England and Germany for eight months, the Wehrmacht invaded Denmark and Norway in order to secure the Reich’s iron ore supply routes. After two months of fierce fighting, the battle of Narvik ended in a brief victory for the Allied forces, the first setback by Adolf Hitler throughout the war. As the film shows, the Franco-British troops are quickly forced to withdraw, redirecting their forces towards France, where the situation escalates.

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A mother’s fight to protect her family

But as often in war films, another story is played out in the big story. Narvík sides with civilians trying to survive the Nazi invasion. We follow Gunnar’s fictional characters (Carl Martin Eggesbo), a Norwegian soldier who leaves to fight in the trenches, while Ingrid Tofte (Kristine Hartgen), his wife, stays at home with their son. But after the departure of the Allied troops, the Norwegians are left in the pay of the Germans. But while Gunnar is in combat, Narvik is bombarded, and Ingrid is forced to face the enemy who occupy the city. Will the family be reunited again? To find out, go to Netflix!

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