This veteran claims many artists sleep in exchange for beats

This veteran claims many artists sleep in exchange for beats

The veteran Yung Joc affirms it without trembling: many artists would have got into the habit of sleeping with producers in order to glean beats ” free. »

Yung Joc drops the records

Interviewed by ValdTV, Yung Joc wanted to bounce back on the comments made by Ashanti a few weeks ago, when she hinted that a producer had offered to take a shower with her in exchange for some productions. According to Joc, artists agreeing to sleep with producers against instrumentals would be a practice not only knownbut also and above all very widespread. And everyone would be concerned: rappers, rappers, producers and producers. “I think it’s very common and affects a lot of women, men too, let’s be real. »

His words will logically make his interlocutor react: “Excuse me, but there are many women who produce. Who do you think they sleep with? » Joc will answer: “You think because they’re men… Ok, are you going to play it naive?” You know what I’m talking about. There are producers who would probably do something, I’m sure. It’s the women who want a guy because he already has a footing, they want to be on top, they want to be fun with the guy or his way of life. »

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