Thomas Pesquet does not assume his status of “national pride” in “Daily”

Thomas Pesquet does not assume his status of “national pride” in “Daily”

Thomas Pesquet on the set of “Daily” on TMC Screenshot

VIDEO – Come to present his book The Earth in our handsthe astronaut was humbled by the flood of compliments from Yann Barthès’ team.

Of his 200 days in space during the Alpha mission in 2021, Thomas Pésquet brought back 300 photos of it which he compiled in his book The Earth in our hands. Guest on the set of “Dailyto promote it, the astronaut seems not to assume his status as a national hero…

It is with him that France has gone into space in recent years. The public followed his daily life via his social networks which he fed with videos and photos to remind us of the beauty of our planet. Like a snapshot of our atmosphere when the space station passed over southern Europe, which he comments in the TMC talk: “we see the layer of the atmosphere which is the bubble that surrounds our planet. It’s the only thing that protects us from emptiness, nothingness, death, darkness.”. As if to further alarm us, he adds: “It really makes a soap bubble, it feels like something very fragile. We may not realize it, but in photos like this, we really see the fragility of the Earth..

Thomas Pesquet is the perfect man for Quotidien

Throughout the show, the team of Yann Barthes only praises the astronaut, especially in the editing of his portrait. Pilot, engineer, polyglot, judoka and even musician, what talent does Thomas Pesquet not have? In front of a real zapping of comments extracted from TF1 or from France Télévisions, we can see in the medallion at the bottom of the screen the astronaut who begins to blush. “An ideal son-in-law physique”, “a hero who doesn’t take himself seriously” and “for children it is a model” rain until the guest lets out a shy ‘c‘is embarrassing’. The end of the sequence reminds us that the royalties of his book will be donated to the Food from the heart. Decidedly, Thomas Pesquet is the perfect man.

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