those Johnny fans who gather in front of his grave

those Johnny fans who gather in front of his grave

Interview by Alexandra Jaegy, edited by Gauthier Delomez

Johnny Hallyday still remains in the hearts of fans. five years later the death of the legendary rocker, some admirers of the icon did not hesitate to undertake a long and expensive journey to go to meditate at his tomb on the island of Saint-Barthélemy, in the West Indies. This is particularly the case of Christophe, who left Reims with his wife and brother, and whom Europe 1 met.

“We arrived on Saturday after collecting our luggage. The first thing we did was to go and pray at Johnny’s grave”, confides this lover of the rocker at the microphone of Europe 1.

Vigil with Laeticia Hallyday

“It’s always so emotional each time you arrive on the island, it’s very important for us”, says Christophe, who goes to the grave of Johnny Hallyday “two or three times a day”. “Last night (Sunday) in particular, we went there until one in the morning,” he adds. “My big brother, Nono, puts music on the grave every time, and we can gather quietly, when there is no one”, assures Christophe.

This fan of the French rocker underlines that he attends this Monday evening at the vigil that Laeticia Hallyday organizes, “like every December 5”. “There will be no speaking,” he explains. “It’s just Laeticia who puts on music. She offers us a small glass of rum to commune together”, assures Christophe, pointing out that last year, around 200 people had gathered. “I think this year, we should be at least 300,” he predicts.

For him, it’s a new way to pay tribute to the icon of French song. “Before, we had the concerts to get together. It’s true that now there is a big lack, so it’s very important for us to come back to the place to be close to him”, testifies Christophe for Europe 1 .

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