Three books for understanding the climate crisis

Three books for understanding the climate crisis

Stock up on new things, comics on climate changesGreta Thunberg’s latest book and a book containing pictures of astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

“The Big Book of Climate”, Greta Thunberg

“It is the most important topic in the world and it must be carried by as many voices as possible in order to reach as many people as possible”, launches Greta Thunberg. Posted on October 27 The big book on climate was written under the direction of the Swede by a hundred experts, writers, activists and international scholars, including Naomi Klein, Margaret Atwood and Thomas Piketty.

Biodiversity, the ocean, greenwashing, fast-fashion… various topics are explored in this 464-page “bible”. The book also suggests actions to be taken on a daily basis. “The goal is to inform, educate and inspire the widest possible audience to action,” said its publisher Mickael Makole during an interview with France 24 on October 27.

All royalties are donated to the Greta Thunberg Foundation and then distributed to environmental charities.

“The Endless World”, Christophe Blain and Jean-Marc Jancovici

From release in bookstores on October 29, 2021. Endless world he experienced astonishing successes. In this album author Christophe Blain (In the kitchen with Alain Passard, Quai d’Orsay) outlines his meeting with Jean-Marc Jancovici, a specialist in energy issues and impact on the climate. A playful comic that helps to better understand the problems related to climate change.

“Endless World”

“The Earth in Our Hands”, Thomas Pesquet

In his new book, Earth in our hands, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet shares the photos he took during the Alpha mission from which he returned in November 2021. “First I was a Sunday photographer and then I really liked it,” he told AFP. “When we get to the station, we have a smartphone reflex: we see something great, capture it… but we quickly face limitations if we want to photograph at night, shoot targets with large targets… It’s difficult because everything is manual.”

More than 300 photographs are collected in this work that show beauty Earth but also its fragility. All royalties from this book will be donated to Restos du Coeur.

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