“Through the days” that the young actress Nathalie Rheims spent with the singer Mouloudji

“Through the days” that the young actress Nathalie Rheims spent with the singer Mouloudji

Audrey Escoin, blogger etc contribution reader groups 20 minute booksI recommend you Through the days by Nathalie Rheimspublished on January 11, 2022 by Éditions Léo Scheer.

His favorite quote:

After becoming a singer, I lost my taste for happiness.

Why this book?

  • Because an ordinary photo evokes memories, this is what this novel by Nathalie Rheims gives us, in which she tells us about her meeting and year of passion with the man we see on the cover of the book. This is the singer Mouloudji, although I admit that I did not know this face, a matter of generation.
  • Because she is only 18, he is 55, and yet when they meet, she is an actress, he pleases her, she is in love. Glances, secret meetings, a few nights, waiting for reunions, confessions. This is what she shares with him. Above all, don’t show off too much, jealous, official watch. Nathalie promises herself from the first moment that she will keep it hidden, it is her own secret.
  • Because at the same time that he tells us about this love, about this passion, what she says is little about him. From childhood, the books he wrote, his wishes, his poems. Then from her, a little less. We are with them, but also with Nougar, Prévert, Brassens, Le Poulain. We are at the end of the 1970s, in Paris, in Flore. Between the recital and the theater stage, the girls’ room and the restaurant in the alley. A book that makes us sing and hum many tunes.
  • Because she never quotes the man she’s talking about, she doesn’t say her name. As a final gesture of respect, she promised to be discreet. But from the titles of the mentioned songs it is easy to guess who it is about. I liked the composure with which he tells this love story, restrained, modest, and yet with a lot of sincerity and passion. Nathalie Rheims thus opens the page of her intimacy, a period in her young life, intense and exciting months, showing all the respect she has for this man.

The most important in 2 minutes

Action. The story of the passionate love between Nathalie Rheims, a very young 18-year-old girl and an older man, a charming and fascinating singer.

Characters. Nathalie Rheims and her love. His father, his sister, colleagues from the theater. The singer’s official. Brassens, Nougaro, Barbara, Jean le Poulain, etc., etc.

Places. Paris, Cafe Flora. Her girl’s room. Theater, stages, cafes, beds.

Time. in 1977.

Author. Nathalie Rheims is a French writer and producer. Through Days is his 23rd book.

This book was read with interest in this singer I didn’t know and caught up in this forbidden and passionate love story. Very nice text.

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