TI explains why he refused to sign 21 Savage and Young Thug

TI explains why he refused to sign 21 Savage and Young Thug

Tip affirms it: he will have had at some point the opportunity to “signatory”or at least to support, 21 Savage and young thug. He will prefer to pass his turn, for the good of the two rappers.

IT passed its turn

All money is not necessarily good to take, according to TI Guest of the show Club Shay Shaythe artist insisted on evoking the “360 offers” in order to explain his refusal to sign 21 Savage and Thug when they were still in the early stages of their careers respective: “A 360 deal means that you allow the label to take a percentage of all your side business. That means on your tour money and on your sponsorship deals. Most of the time, artists will consider things in the short term, the amount they can earn immediately. Because generally speaking, we’ve always had the ideas, and the industry gives us the access. So we trade our ideas for their access. »

He will then explain that he was approached by 21 and Thugger: “I think it’s honorable to be able to tell new artists, when they come to see you… 21 Savage, [Young] Thug, a lot of people came up to me, “Hey man, give me a million dollars, Tip. Just give me a million. I don’t care what you do, give me a million and let me handle it then. But if I give you a million, I’ll have to take money from your other business, and we won’t be friends anymore. And I always tell them, “Don’t worry about the money, because it’s coming. I remember saying that to Slime, and also to 21. And every time Savage sees me, he says, “Hey, the money came.” It makes me smile, because I know how much each generation can have an impact. Maybe even more than the previous one. »

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