Tim Burton imposed this very difficult constraint on his lead actress

Tim Burton imposed this very difficult constraint on his lead actress

Released since November 23, 2022 on netflix, Wednesday never stop talking about her. It must be said that the spin-off of The Addams Family produced and produced in part by Tim Burton is particularly successfuli. On the audience side, Netflix is ​​not going to complain about it: series one broke a record formerly owned by stranger things. The delivery of Jenna Ortega in the title role undoubtedly contributes to the success of the project. Discover moreover what a very difficult constraint Tim Burton he has imposed to embody the sinister eldest daughter of The Addams Family.

Wednesday, Jenna Ortega’s toughest role to play

In just eight episodes, Wednesdayspin-off series from The Addams Family managed to win unanimous support from subscribers to the streaming platform. As a reminder, it tells the adventures of the eldest daughter of the family during her adolescence. After being made expelled from eight high schools for misbehaving towards other students, Wednesday is sent to Nevermore Academy by her parents, Morticia and Gomez Addams. The latter still meets those who are called “the marginals”, please understand werewolves, mermaids, or anyone who does not fit “the norm”. In the past, Morticia and Gomez Addams were educated there, alongside Larissa Weems, the school’s current principal. If initially, Wednesday wants to look for a way to escape, the murders raging in the nearby forest will capture his full attention…

Since the release of Wednesday on NetflixJenna Ortega has confided on several occasions about her role, which she considers “as the most difficult of his life”. It must be said that the 20-year-old actress did not skimp on the means to transform herself into the daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams. His performance is filled with small, subtle detailslike that of having no facial expression or not blinking.

Indeed, at the request of Tim Burton, who showrun four of the eight episodes of Wednesday, Jenna Ortega did never blinked again when she played the heroine. This is what the actress revealed during a recent interview with teen vogue :

From now on, I don’t want you to blink anymore. The thing is, I hadn’t even noticed that I wasn’t blinking. It just happened. Every time we started a take I let every muscle in my face drop and Tim really liked that look

Why Jenna Ortega’s performance is stunning

Tim Burton fell so in love with the result that he asked her not to blink again when she played Wednesday. So that’s what she did! Jenna Ortega truly deserves all the praise she gets today because embodying Wednesday was not easy. In effect, the actress would have to deal with several directors and the demands of each. “We would go from Tim to another director, then back to Tim, and again to another director. I felt like everyone wanted different things. I remember Tim didn’t want me to have different things. emotion or expression. He wanted a flat surface and I understand that” she indicated.

“It’s great and funny, except when you’re trying to move the plot forward. And Wednesday is in every scene” added Jenna Ortega, who would describe the start of filming for the Netflix series as “stressful and confusing”. Today, she is perfectly at ease with her role and ready to return to a season 2. We just have to wait for the return of the streaming platform regarding the fate of the series. The main showrunners clarified that they have already plans for the sequel, including confirming Tyler’s return as Hydewhile other members of the Addams Family will also be honoured.

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