Tina Arena mother of a boy with a Frenchman… and it’s not a stranger!

Tina Arena mother of a boy with a Frenchman… and it’s not a stranger!

On November 1, 2022, Tina Arena celebrates its 55th anniversary. And for almost 20 years, the Australian-born singer has lived a perfect love with a sexy french named Vincent. A tall man, rather handsome and with shoulder-length hair, as revealed by the last known photos of him. In addition to being attractive, the famous Vincent is a successful man since he was the producer of the musical Notre Dame of Paris. It is also thanks to this show that they were able to meet and fall in love.

Tina Arena had indeed mentioned their real love at first sight during an interview with Paris Match in 2015. It was thanks to Patrick Fiori that they met. The Corsican introduced him to Vincent in 2000 at a party for the last London Notre Dame of Paris. “We talked for two good hours. I said to myself: this one is the good one!“, she revealed. Five years later, in 2005, the lovebirds welcomed a child named Gabriel.

Very discreet, the beautiful singer talks very little about her private life. Nevertheless, when asked about the marriage, she had agreed to say a little more. As she said in an interview for 66 Minutes several years ago, if one day she got married, her boyfriend would be the last to know. Also, she revealed that if there was a marriage, it could be synonymous with “diplomatic crisis” since…

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