to counter HBO, Netflix and Disney+ are betting on this French fantasy author

to counter HBO, Netflix and Disney+ are betting on this French fantasy author

Good news for fans of high fantasy: we learn that netflix and Disney+ snap up one of the greatest authors of the genre, and he is French. Cororico!

Two very ambitious projects

After the phenomenal success of game of throneswhich captivated crowds from 2011 to 2019, expanding de facto, as the trilogy had done before it The Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson, the name of fantasy fans, recent news has shown us how much the major Hollywood majors and platforms are now betting a lot on this genre in particular.

While we have just discovered the first seasons of Dragon House (shown on HBO) and Rings of Power (streaming on Prime Video), and that Netflix is ​​working hard to save the series the witcher after the defection of Henry Cavill, we learn today that Netflix and Disney+ are snapping up one of the greatest current fantasy authors: Frenchman Jean-Philippe Jaworski. If you’re new to fantasy, maybe that name means nothing to you; however, fans of the genre will tell you how extremely talented this French writer is. We owe him two major cycles of French-language fantasy: the Tales from the Old Kingdom and The Kings of the world.

Made up collections of short stories The real door (2007) and The Feeling of Iron (2015) and novel Win the War (2009), them Tales from the Old Kingdom is a truly fascinating fantasy universe, with various inspirations. Dislocated during a particularly bloody war, the events of which are recounted in The Feeling of Ironthe Old Kingdom has disappeared, and its former provinces have very tense relations: the Republic of Ciudalia (inspired by the Italian Renaissance), the Duchy of Bromael (reminiscent of the stories that constitute the Matter of Brittany), the Kingdom of Ressine ( of Persian inspiration), etc. The cycle will soon be extended from Knight of Thornsa novel divided into three volumesof which we were able to read the first opus in advance (it will be released on January 18), and which will for sure be the Fantasy event of the year 2023.

The cycle of Kings of the Worlds holds, as for him, of the historical fantasy, and more particularly of the Celtic fantasy. We follow the fate of two brothers from the biturige Gallic nobility, Bellovèse and Ségovèse, mentioned by Titus Live, whose father was killed by their uncle, the High King Ambigat. This particularly well-written tale of revenge is a real narrative tour de force, which has already won over many readers. The cycle is composed of: not even dead (2013), Royal Hunt (published in four volumes between 2015 and 2020) and soon from The Great Mare.

That Disney+ and Netflix want to adapt Jaworski’s novels is an exciting choice! According to the words of its publisher, Erwan Cherel (Les Moutons Electriques), the two works concerned are Win the War (Imaginales Prize for the best French-language novel in 2009) and not even dead (Imaginales Prize for the best French-language novel in 2014).

Few years ago, Jean-Philippe Jaworski confided that a series of ten episodes adapting not even dead was in preparation. And it seems that one of the two platforms we mentioned above is interested in this project. Above all, if the upcoming prospect of seeing Bellovèse incarnated on screen is enough to make fantasy fans that we are scream with joy, we can hardly put into words the excitement we have at the prospect of seeing an incarnation of the ruffian Don Benvenuto Gesufal, the earthy unscrupulous hitman of Win the War. Note that the novel has already been adapted from a particularly successful comic strip, of which the fifth and final volume is expected.

The start of these two adaptations obviously has something to satisfy us: not only Win the War and not even dead have the potential to compete with series such as Dragon House in terms of narrative intensitybut in addition they honor the incredible production of French fantasy, which is full of talented writers and comic book scriptwritersby Jean-Philippe Jaworski (Win the War) to Pierre Pevel (The Cardinal’s Blades), via Jean Dufaux (Complaint of the Lost Landes) and Lupano (Alim the Tanner, Stalkmage). Without forgetting of course Alexandre Astier (Kaamelott), which recently announced a project around the character of Karadoc.

And if you are a fan of Jean-Philippe Jaworski, or would like to discover him, we strongly recommend that you read our interview with the author, which you can find by clicking here.

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