Tomer Sisley (Vortex): the reasons why he decided to stop Balthazar

Tomer Sisley (Vortex): the reasons why he decided to stop Balthazar

guest on South Radio, Monday January 2, on the occasion of the broadcast of the first episodes of the series Vortex on France 2, Tomer Sisley mentioned another series in which he plays Balthazar, the fifth season of which will soon be unveiled on TF1. Season which will be the last for him.

New year, new program. Monday January 2, on France 2, viewers will be able to discover the first episodes of Vortex, series with Tomer Sisley in the main role. He plays Ludovic, a policeman who is investigating the death of his first wife, twenty-seven years earlier, after a time lapse in the virtual reality room of the Brest regional judicial police department allows him to speak to his ex wife. A very different investigation therefore from that of the medical examiner Balthazar whom he plays in the eponymous series broadcast on TF1. Moreover, after filming the fifth season of Balthazar, soon to be broadcast on the first channel, Tomer Sisley does not intend to reprise his role.

“What I don’t want is to do the season too much”

At the microphone of South RadioMonday, January 2, Tomer Sisley explained the reasons that led him to give up the role of Balthazar: “We did five seasons. I think five seasons for a series is huge. In any case, a series that works so well”told the husband of Sandra Zeitoun de Matteis. And to add: What I don’t want is to do the season too much.”

But that’s not the only reason why he won’t return to the role of the medical examiner in a sixth season: “It’s a lot of energy, a lot of time. And then, you have to renew yourself every time, again and again. And then, the truth is that it is very time-consuming. So when I shoot Balthazar, I can’t shoot anything else”. Renouncing Balthazar allowed him to shoot the third part of big winch. And Vortextherefore, to discover on France 2.

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