Tomorrow belongs to us: why viewers were angry at the end of the last episode

Tomorrow belongs to us: why viewers were angry at the end of the last episode

loyal viewers of tomorrow belongs to us remained unsatisfied after the broadcast of the last episode, this Friday, November 18. They will indeed have to wait more than a month before knowing the fate reserved for their heroes, which they did not fail to raise on the networks.

Tomorrow is far away, even for the faithful of tomorrow belongs to us. While the TF1 soap opera turns to drama between a leading couple in turmoila marriage proposal or an unexpected kiss, here they are private of their guilty pleasure for a month and more. Many questions indeed remain unanswered after the shock episode broadcast on Friday November 18, and it will be necessary to be patient to know the fate reserved for the characters who went to a charity evening organized by the town hall.

The sitcom from SΓ©toise will be put on hiatus during the Football World Cup, his innumerable controversies and his France team in the dark. TF1 will thus deploy its system to broadcast the 28 biggest matches of the competition in Qatar. Games which will take place at 8 p.m., French time, and which will push the traditional newspaper forward from 8 p.m. to 7.15 p.m., that is instead of tomorrow belongs to us.

A month of waiting before the return of DNA

This news did not delight viewers who, for some, poured out their hatred of football on social networks. Calls for a boycott of the competition thus flourished on Twitter, while others called it “sadistic” the producers guilty of having stopped the series on such a final scenario. “OMG but we’re going to have to wait a month with the episode we had, it’s horrible”, β€œNo but what? what is this cliffhanger of Tomorrow belongs to us! And we will have to wait a month after this end to the Dynasty (from the 80s I specify)”, “I almost think that TF1 should have canceled tonight’s episode so as not to torture us with a month waiting for the new plot”can we read in particular on the network at the blue bird. Good luck to them and see you on December 19 for the rest of the adventures of William and the others.

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