Tony Yayo explains the reasons for the decline of the G-Unit

Tony Yayo explains the reasons for the decline of the G-Unit

The thing is rare enough to be underlined: Tony Yayo publicly addressed the decline of the G-Unit, a formation that made headlines in the 2000s.

The fall of the G-Unit publicly evoked

Passing in front of the cameras of DJ Vald, Tony Yayo will therefore return to the time of G-unitthis group composed at the time of itself, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, then later and sometimes even very succinctly of Young Buck, The Game or Kidd Kidd.

Aware that everything has an end, rapper admits he struggled to move on : “I come from where things are bad. If I lose everything, I might just go back to tricks. It’s like that. Life has its ups and downs, and I had to learn that. I’m not going to put on airs. G-Unit: I remember the roller coaster effect, and we were going all the way up. But once we started downhill… People were going to touch, lick 50 Cent’s ass, because it’s Fifty. But once the G-Unit machine slowed down, everyone’s behavior changed. The kids no longer answered the phone, no longer called you, no longer stopped by to find out how you were doing. These are the same people you find all around the globe. You take care of their families, you give money to their families. They are at your house, they eat at your table, take your cars… But you see, in life, there are ups and downs. You realize who is true and who is not with these situations. »

A bitter observation, for a rapper casually still very close to 50 Cent, whom he continues to accompany regularly on his concerts.

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