Top 10 answers to questions about famous singers

Top 10 answers to questions about famous singers

Hello dear avid readers. Today, part of your curiosity will be fulfilled since I intend to answer questions that you have necessarily already asked yourself about famous singers. But first of all, I’m going to start by disappointing you (which I know how to do very well according to my parents, my girlfriend and my dog): in this top, I won’t tell you if Michal has indeed stolen the merchant’s orange, if Michael Jackson is still alive, or if Marc Lavoine really met a woman with guns instead of eyes. So you have been warned.

Why Pascal Obispo has a scar on his eyebrow?

This question is among the 3 most asked questions in the world with “Does God exist? » and “Why does Nagui cut people off all the time? » You must have already asked yourself this. Well you will learn that Obispo himself has already answered it in an interview, but the problem is that he gave several versions. The first is because he fell out of a truck when he was a kid. The second is because a man shot him in the middle of a concert because he was jealous that his wife was a fan of his. And the third is because a man shot him in the middle of a concert because he didn’t like him. In short, that’s three explanations for a single scar, what a big myth this Pascal.

What is Kanye West’s disease actually?

Almost every week, Kanye West shines in celebrity magazines by doing cool stuff, like harassing his ex or saying racist stuff. But if we decide not to fire too much on the ambulance (even if we condemn), it is because Kanye, he is suffering from psychological disorders: bipolar disorders. It’s a chronic disease that, without treatment, leads to manic episodes – basically, hyperactivity and excitement that can be dangerous – and depressive phrases, or great sadness. The problem is that Kanye has already declared that he does not want to take treatment, so, inevitably, he is not well. Okay, I’ve really simplified the thing, but don’t hesitate to find out about bipolar disorders, you’ll see that it’s not very funny to live with.

Kendji Girac, does he really live in a caravan or is he stylish?

When he became famous by participating in The voicepart of Kendji’s character was built around the fact that he was a gypsy, but one could legitimately wonder if that wasn’t just good old-fashioned marketing. Well, you have to believe not: Kendji really spends part of his life in a caravan, because that’s the way of life he likes. The guy kept it simple, and that’s kind of fun.

Why is Vitaa called Vitaa?

I’m not going to do you all again origins of singer names because we already have a top on it, but here’s the topo for Vitaa: from her real name Charlotte Gonin, Vitaa chose this nickname because “vita” means “life” in Italian. She just added a second “a” behind to acquire unlimited style.

Did Marilyn Manson really have his ribs removed to perform oral sex?

For some weird reason, this urban legend keeps circulating when no, the guy never had his ribs taken out. He already denied the trick in 1998 in an autobiography, so look no further. And you’re not going to have any ribs removed either.

Why does Seal have facial scars?

Fans of Dr. House will know: it’s a LUPUS! More specifically, discoid lupus, an inflammatory disease that creates plaques (most often on the face and scalp), which can atrophy the skin, hence the scars. The disease can be treated well, but the scars can remain for life. Not cool at all, then, but that doesn’t stop Seal from being a huge BG.

Why did M have an M-shaped hairstyle?

I can already hear you say: “Well because it’s like his stage name actually huh”And you’re right. No need to tell you either because it is not the only explanation. The idea came to him from a book that his mother had given him when he was a kid. On the cover, you could see an owl, and it was the head of this owl that inspired the singer. That’s a corner of your mouth, huh?

Why does Gims wear sunglasses?

As he already talked about in an interview, the guy got into this habit a long time ago, and now he doesn’t want to stop because it allows him to be incognito when he walks around without his glasses in the street. Not dumb. Maybe you meet him every day without knowing it, who knows? Well, if you live in a lost city like Poitiers or Dreux, there’s still little chance.

Has Andrea Bocelli always been blind?

Well no. The lyrical singer lost his sight at the age of 12 due to congenital glaucoma, a hereditary disease, but also due to a ball accident received in the face during a football game. Doctors tried to save one of his eyes, without success. Luckily he kept his voice to swing us I live for her and I will go with you beautiful.

Did Johnny Hallyday really know how to light a fire?

A priori yes, and he had his little secret: matches. He was strong.

One of these four, I will make you a volume 2 to find out if Francis Lalanne was a singer one day before being a conspirator.

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