Top 13 Worst 90s Song Lyrics Top 13 Worst 90s Songs

Top 13 Worst 90s Song Lyrics Top 13 Worst 90s Songs

The 90s were able to give birth to texts of incredible poetry; it’s still the decade that saw the release At night I lie from Bashung, A happy man by William Sheller or Bullfighting by Cabrel. Deep things not written with the feet, then. But you know very well that we are not poets, and that we prefer to go towards what has been done most cringe, most rotten and most problematic in the songs’ lyrics 90s. It’s still more fun.

Category “total balek”: I’m Blue – Eiffel 65

Let’s start with the most obvious, the chorus: ” I’m blue. Clearly, the guys didn’t stray, but you’re going to tell us, it’s normal, it’s a chorus, it has to be catchy. Let’s admit.

Now, a verse excerpt: “I have a blue house, with a blue window. Blue is the color of everything I wear. The streets are blue, and all the trees are too. I have a girl and she is so blue. » So, isn’t that a bit rotten?

Stuttering Category: Wannabe – Spice Girls

Let’s continue our poetic adventure with the Spicy Girls who sing to us: “I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want. So tell me what you want, what you really, really want. I want, (ha) I want, (ha) I want, (ha) I want, (ha). I really, really, really want to zig-a-zig ah”

That’s a lot of stuttering to tell us that they want to do things that aren’t very Catholic. Yes, because doing “zig-a-zig ah”, we really don’t see what it could be other than somersaults. In short, fortunately the music is good (and all the Spice Girls fans= will testify), because the lyrics were not that.

Category “non-respect of consent”: So that you still love me – Céline Dion

Like everyone else, we love Céline and we adore this song, but when we look at the lyrics, it is clear that the singer does not give a damn about consent: “I will cast spells on you to love me again”, “The magic formulas of the marabouts of Africa, I will say them without remorse so that you still love me”it’s a bit borderline Cé-cé. We have to let him go, okay?

And it gets worse when you add a hint of guilt to it: “You shouldn’t start, Attract me to touch me, You shouldn’t give so much, I don’t know how to play”. In mode it’s your fault if now I harass you what. So obviously, in the song, it’s a desperate character who speaks, but we can decently imagine the number of people who take these words first degree. Eggs.

Category “pleonasm”: Just a girl – No doubt

We can thank the group of Gwen Stefani for this one: “Oh, I’m just a girl, I guess I’m some kind of monster, because they’re all sitting there looking at me with their eyes. » Noooo, they look with their eyes? Without Dec’? Not with their knees? Good after must admit that as it was Gwen Stefani, we quickly forgave.

Category “without dec?” : Mmmbop – Hanson

If the three hairy brothers hadn’t pissed each other off with their chorus of repeating “Mmmbop, ba duba dop, ba du bop, ba duba dop, ba du bop, ba duba dop, ba du, oh yeah”we preferred to retain this passage:

“Plant a seed, plant a flower, plant a rose. You can plant any of them. Keep planting to find out which one grows. It’s a secret that no one knows. It’s a secret that no one knows. Oh, no one knows”

Well yes, in fact, everyone knows that. Kind really everyone, and this since the dawn of time. This is the principle of gardening. They really don’t care about us, the Hansons, don’t they?

Category “creepy”: Hard hard to be a baby – Jordy

Yes, okay, the title was sung by a kid at a young age, so the lyrics are adapted, based on: “Stay seated, no okay! Don’t touch that, okay! Don’t go there, okay! You won’t have dessert! And Grandma, and Grandpa, and Mum. It’s hard to be a baby, Oh my baby, It’s hard to be a baby, It’s hard to be a baby. » But still, the stuff was written, or at least mixed, by an adult who didn’t give a damn that it made any sense. Seriously, what the hell is he doing here? “and Grandma, and Grandpa, and Mum” ? It comes out of nowhere. The 90s really gave us the worst.

Category “translation error”: Baby one more time – Britney Spears

The famous “Hit Me Again Baby” shocked everyone when the single was released in 1998, for the simple reason that “hit me again baby”it sounds very bad, especially when it’s spoken by a teenager dressed as a sexy schoolgirl. But legend has it that the author of the lyrics was Swedish and believed that ” Hit me “ was slang to say ” call me “. If that’s true, then the guy got really heavy, and at the same time he helped make Britney subversive.

Category “cheap clothes”: These evenings – Yannick

“They are all good enough to eat, but it was on her that I fell in love. My jeans were about to crack when my eyes locked on her. »

There, poetry level, we are not too bad, with rich rhyme, and Yannick has the luxury of almost making a chiasmus. On the other hand, what is this story of uncontrolled erection and jeans ready to crack? It would be, on the one hand, to control oneself a little, and, on the other hand, to invest in quality pants, my dear Yannick.

Category “written with the ass”: What’s up? – 4 Non Blondes

“And I feel a little peculiar, And so I wake up in the morning, And I go out, And I take a deep breath And I get real, And I scream out loud, What’s going on? And I say hey hey hey hey, I said hey. What is going on ? And I say hey hey hey hey, I said hey. What is going on ? »

Like what you can write a huge tube with repetitions of “and” galore and filling based on “hey”, without all that making any sense. And no one cares.

Category “I write what goes through my head”: Tubthumping – Chubawamba

It’s hard to know where to start here, since everything seems to be just a collection of random words. Between the “We will sing when we win” (without any explanation), the “Oh Danny man” repeated (always without explanation), the “He drinks a glass of whisky, he drinks a glass of vodka, he drinks a glass of beer, he drinks a glass of cider” which we understand nothing, and the refrain “I got knocked down but I still get up” endlessly repeated, we still haven’t bitten the meaning of this song after all these years. According to the band’s guitarist, it’s about a drunk guy who falls down on the way home, but we can’t help but think the guys were just throwing out random words and thinking no one would care. It is our right.

Category “looks like it’s written by a child”: No girl in the world – G Squad

It’s true that tackling boy bands is a bit like shooting at the ambulance, but at the same time nothing prevented them from writing deeper texts than: “Too many girls in the magazines, Their fashionable clothes are too expensive for you, You compare yourself to them, you get depressed, Oh, you’re wrong, you know don’t worry, no, no.” No girl in the world, No girl more beautiful than you, No girl in the world, No girl more beautiful than you, for me. » Besides that, Jordy is almost Rimbaud.

Category “Not very subtle”: The Jerk – Thierry Hazard

“One evening Roger met Josephine. He tells her “how cute you are”. You are beautiful as a speaker. Come to my house, I’ll play the trombone for you. »

We feel that the guy wrote it full of pride, like “mdr the trombone c the penis they will not understand”, but yes, Thierry, we understood. Ok, at 5 years old, we didn’t understand, but now we understand. And it’s heavy, very heavy.

Category “street cred”: Bye bye – Menelik

The text presents a lot of problems, but we really liked this passage: “I play the girl who is tired of seeing you come home late. All because you prefer hanging out with your lads. »

Frankly, “thugs”? Even in the 90s, the term was already corny. Zero street cred for Menelik. Besides, if you want to know what the man becomes, go see the top of the fates of stars of the 90s. It’s a gift.

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