Toulouse. Le Diagonale returns as a musical bar

Toulouse. Le Diagonale returns as a musical bar

He made generations of night owls dance and have fun. The Le Diagonale bar, located at 37 place des Carmes, was for decades a festive address in the Pink City. Musical bar at first, it became for a time the B. Machine, a gay & friendly nightclub before being called Le Petit Baubourg in 2015 and becoming a restaurant with local products under the dynamics of three young Toulouse residents, Jules-Adrien , Michael and Jules.

Closed for a few years, after going through the Caribbean version cocktail box, it resumes service in February 2023 to regain its identity and transform into a musical bar with snacks, favoring the 80s.

“After fifty years, it’s complicated to find a place to have fun in Toulouse, notes Jacques Jany, owner of the restaurant Le quartier latin, place Rouaix who, with his associates Morti, François, Ugo Mola (trainer of the Stade Toulousain) , Christian, Jaco and Aïze, is taking over the business. This is lacking and we precisely want the Diagonale to make the 35-65 year old generation dream, who for years have celebrated and certainly want for some to continue”.

A place on a human scale (150 m2) with, on the ground floor, a restaurant area around local and tasty preparations. “The decoration is inspired by the Memphis movement of the 80s, characterized by scattered shapes and lines and bright colors”, specifies Jacques Jany.

The group with multiple businesses (Un air de quartier in Toulouse, Ginette and La Côte Rêvée in Leucate, and La Petite Plage in Loudenvieille (Hautes-Pyrénes), is also preparing to reopen in Toulouse on March 1, Le Clapotis, Chemin des Etroits, on the banks of the Garonne.

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