tous les díck friends dans un livre

tous les díck friends dans un livre

Les Éditions d’Luxembourger Land viennent de publier le livre Thick Friends.

On more than 100 pages, the work presents all the comics of the series of the same name that were published in the weekly the state of Luxembourg between January 2019 and December 2020. Produced by Jacques Drescher (screenplay) and Moe Skifati (drawing), these satirical comics are about the “inhuman comedy” of contemporary political life in the Grand Duchy. Avec un accent particulier mis sur le deuxième gouvernement et sa coalition DP, LSAP, die green – les dick friends.

Jacques Drescher, journalist, born in 1958, lives in Luxembourg. Co-founder of the satirical weekly A new fire (1993-2018), he collaborated in this magazine, after its creation Fire pitdaily satirical feature Newspaper of the Luxembourgish people between 1984 and 1993. Moe Skifati, animator by training, born in 1984, lives in London. He was an external associate at New fireplace and works, among other things, in the field of cartoons.

Fat friends it can be bought in bookstores for 35 euros or ordered online on the website Each copy is enriched with a bookmark for easier navigation through the hundred collected plates.

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