TPMP People: Matthieu Delormeau scrambled with Olivier Rousteing, he reveals because of which star (ZAPTV)

TPMP People: Matthieu Delormeau scrambled with Olivier Rousteing, he reveals because of which star (ZAPTV)

On this Saturday, January 28, Matthieu Delormeau revealed why he was no longer friends with Olivier Rousteing. And it would be because of an international celebrity!

The show TPMP People in full swing every Saturday on C8. One of C8’s flagship programs highlights scoops, revelations and indiscretions on the people planet. Once is not custom, Matthieu Delormeau delivered on his personal anecdotes. This Saturday, January 28, after revealing his falling out with Marianne James, the host without filter confided in the end of his friendship with Olivier Rousteingthe famous artistic director of Balmain. And this one would be due to Kim Kardashian!

In the program broadcast this Saturday, January 28, a subject on Kim Kardashian was debated with Matthieu Delormeau and his many columnists. Indeed, in the sequence entitled Celebrity gossipthe host announced that Kanye West’s ex-wife became a professor at Harvard. In effect, North’s mom recently gave a two-hour lesson to Harvard students, teaching them business skills. Around the set, and following this surprising announcement, the columnists had to answer the question: “Shocked or not shocked”. If some of them approved this initiative, others were against like Matthieu Delormeau.

“She’s everything I hate!”

Matthew Delormeau took the opportunity to say everything he thought of Kourtney and Khloé’s sister. He did not mince his words: “That’s all I hate! Vulgarity, everything!”. And he continued with this revelation: “I can tell you that one day, when I saw at Laurent RuquierOlivier Rousteing, who was my friend, who takes care of Balmain, who settles down and makes fashion. And we tell him for you who is French chic? And he answers: Kim Kardashian…” Obviously this choice surprised and terribly disappointed the television hostand to date, he would no longer be friends with the artistic director of the Balmain house. But who knows, maybe like with Marianne JamesMatthieu Delormeau will have an opportunity to reconcile with the fashion designer…

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